The 7 Elements of a Good Business Card

16 Oct

1. A Person’s Name!

It’s pretty much a given that your business card should have your name on it, if you want anyone to contact you again that is.

2. A Company Name!

If your name doesn’t remind them, maybe your company name will? Seriously, almost all business cards have a company or organization name as well.

3. Additional Contact Information

The following are some standard contact details to consider for your business card. You could have one, two or more of these details on your card.

3a. Address

If you want your prospects and clients to know where your business is and come to you then you have an address on your card. If your have a web-focused business card and only do business online, you may not need to put your address.

3b. Phone Number(s)
These can include voice, fax and cell numbers, but really only put the ones that you want to be contact on. If you do business in more than one place, or expect to have prospects and clients from other places, don’t forget to put country codes and/or area codes as well.

3c. Email Address

If you want prospects and clients to be able to send email to you, then you need to include an email address. This is especially important for a web-based business that doesn’t have many other contact options.

3d. Website Address

If you want people to visit your website, then include this on your card. Again, this is more important for a web-based business, but almost every business has a website now as well.

4. Job Title or Role

This helps people better understand your role in the company.

5. Description of the Business

A tagline or brief description can be useful when a business name is somewhat ambiguous or doesn’t clearly convey what the business does. Taglines can also explain benefits of doing business with you.

6. Company Logo

Especially handy when focusing on branding, keep it consistent with other marketing materials so you don’t confuse people.

7. The Right Font Size

When getting all of the information you want on your card, you may be tempted to shrink things down to get it all to fit. Don’t do it! Keep the font so that everyone in your target market can actually read it.

I hope these tips help in your next business card design.


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